VOC Emission control Familiarization course: Duration 2 Days

This course provides awareness of the issue created by volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions on board a crude oil tanker Control, VOC formation and reduces emissions. The development of a VOC management plan for crude oil tankers is described. This course complies with the latest VOC training requirements in MEPC .1/Circ. 680, Annex, page 23, Section 6 where a training program is to be provided for the person in change of the VOC management plan on board each ship.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to the VOC emissions
  • Regulatory framework for VOC, MARPOL – Annex VI
  • Introduction to principles of VOC emission control
  • Generation of VOCs during operation of a crude oil tanker
  • Tank pressure control and release systems
  • Methods to control the VOC emissions
  • Systems to control VOC emissions

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